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We have been breeding pure Angora Goats in West Wales since 1993. Our farm is situated on a plateau above the beautiful Teifi Valley – the River Teifi is the only river that completes its journey from source to the sea in Wales. Our natural pastures produce a wonderful and plentiful supply of grasses and clovers for our goats to enjoy.

Our Angora Goats are all pure (no ‘grades’) and, with the exception of a few individuals, are all pedigree registered with the British Angora Goat Society. Our goats are easily handled and have fine mohair fleeces that remain so from kid to adult. They are suitable for the smallholder and become very friendly when handled regularly. This is very helpful when needing to do tasks such as hoof trimming and worming.

The males are known as Bucks, the females Does, and the young are Kids. In our flock both sexes have horns and all produce long silky white mohair.

The fleece grows at a considerable rate so the goats need to be shorn every six months. We aim to shear at the end of August and towards the end of February, but the times can be changed to the preference of the keeper. Mohair is a fibre not a wool and is very lustrous and durable. It is very popular with hand-spinners, particularly the kid mohair. Mohair can be spun on its own or carded with a chosen sheep wool. Although mohair doesn’t felt well on its own, it can be incorporated in felt work to create pretty patterns and designs.

Angora Does produce a single kid, twins and triplets are not unknown.

Does - £150 each
Weaned doe kids - £120 each
Weaned wether kids (castrated males – pure but not registered)
£50 - £70 each
In-kid does and does with kid(s) at foot are sometimes available.
Details can be given on application.

Three Generation Pedigree and Care Instructions provided on sale.
All our Angora Goats have been fully vaccinated.

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Icelandic sheep
Angora Goat Does
Icelandic sheep
Angora Goat Weaned Kids
Icelandic sheep
Does with their kids
Icelandic sheep
New Born Kids
Icelandic sheep
A Balancing Act!
Icelandic sheep

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