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  • Hand Knitted Scarves - Pure Kid Mohair - Hand Dyed
    The beautiful soft cosyness of pure kid mohair. Available in a range of unique designs - hold mouse over selection to view.
hand knitted scarves

  • Shetland Wool Scarves - Hand Framed
    Share the secret of warmth with the sheep and wrap up in these Shetland wool and/or lambswool scarves. All natural fleece colour.
    - hold mouse over selection to view.


shetland wool scarves

  • Hand Knitted Lace-weight Scarves - Pure Kid Mohair
    These delicate pure kid mohair scarves are a must for that special occasion. Natural Ivory.
    - hold mouse over lace pattern to view.


lace weight mohair scarves

  • Icelandic Wool Scarves - Hand Knitted
    Beautiful hand-knitted scarves made from the wool of our Icelandic sheep, bred here on our Welsh farm. Natural Fleece Colours. Hold mouse over style to view.
    £ 30.00


icelandic wool scarf

  • Shetland Wool Scarves - Hand Knitted
    All the warmth of Shetland wool from our Shetland sheep bred on our Welsh farm. Natural Fleece Colours. Hold mouse over style to view.
    £ 30.00


shetland wool scarf

Prices include VAT. Postage and Packing extra, please enquire.

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